Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Blogger MVP and ROY Rankings: Round 2

The Blogger MVP and ROY Rankings are back. This week they were hosted by Upside and Motor, an excellent generalist blog run by my good friend Rob Mahoney. Tim Duncan climbed from the 10th spot up to the 7th, while George Hill didn't break the top 5. Although I would have preferred Hill land a bit higher, it's kind of exciting to note that this week I was not the only person who cast a vote for him. He only got 3 points from my votes, but he hauled in 11 overall, so a few other people thought he deserved to be on the list as well. Swing by, take a look, and make Upside and Motor a daily read: His nightly preview, entitled "No Game is an Island," is always insightful and his daily recaps are hilarious.

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