Monday, November 17, 2008

Other People: X's and O's of Basketball

The X's and O's of Basketball does an excellent job breaking down plays, oftentimes catching things the average fan would never recognize. If you are looking to gain a deeper knowledge of in-game tactics, there may be no better daily read on the internet. The author took a look at the end of the Kings-Spurs game last night, offering a couple of quick thoughts and a telling clip:
The Kings started out doubling Duncan hard, on the first dribble after the catch. But in the last 2 possessions, they don't (well, they do double but its way too late). I don't understand why you wouldn't double hard after you just doubled Duncan hard and forced the ball out of Duncan's hands and the turnover. Watch,

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The author goes on to breakdown the last few plays, including the well executed ball-screen we ran with 19 seconds left. In his opinion Reggie Theus abandoned a defensive strategy that very well could have won the Kings the game. But, as he is known to do, he also gave Popovich proper due for running an excellent offensive set during our final possession.

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Unknown said...

I like the concept of X's and O's basketball, and I appreciate the recommendation. However, unless I missed it, you didn't seem to actually link to them. Anyways, keep up the great writing about the Spurs!