Tuesday, November 18, 2008

HustleJunkie: A Tribute to Fire Joe Morgan

After an extended hiatus, my HustleJunkie column is back over at Hardwood Paroxysm. This week I pay tribute to Fire Joe Morgan, which recently announced it will no longer be operational. I loved Fire Joe Morgan. I try to maintain a rather congenial voice here at 48 Minutes of Hell but somewhere inside me lurks the same disdain for mediocre sportswriting that drove Ken Tremendous, dak, Junior, Matthey Murbles, and Coach to such heights of hilarity for all those years. So I threw aside any semblance of gentlemanly demeanor I typically uphold and went after one of my least favorites sports columnists: Bill Plaschke.

To Plaschke's credit, he is nowhere near as noxious as, say, Jay Mariotti or Peter Vecsey. But for the most part Bill's columns slide back and forth between varying degrees of obvious and incomprehensible. He also uses single sentence paragraphs so often it's as if he were seeking vengeance on good writing. If you have a chance, swing by HP and give it a read.

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