Friday, November 21, 2008

Blogger MVP and ROY Rankings: Round 1

48 Minutes of Hell is taking part in a blogger MVP and ROY ranking series collectively hosted by the voting blogs. Hoops Addict had the honor of hosting the first round. I had some sizeable disagreements with the rest of the group: I had Tim Duncan listed at 2, far ahead of the groups collective ranking of ten. I also had Mario Chalmers and George Hill at the 4 and 5 for my ROY rankings. Here are the reasons I gave:
4. Mario Chalmers: Honestly, lot's of guys are putting up better numbers and will be more crucial to their team in the long run. But Chalmers is playing with grit and guts the way few rookies do.

5. George Hill: This is not me being a shameless homer. Hill had nowhere near the pre-season hype to end up on any ESPN list. But anyone who has watched him play can see that he is already an excellent defender, a responsible distributor and a surprisingly potent threat around the rim. Also, he has shown a lot of poise given how much pressure Parker's absence has put on him.
To his credit, the always insightful Ryan McNeill was the only other blogger who felt Chalmers deserved a spot on the list. If you guys don't read McNeill and the rest of the Hoops Addict gang, you really should. They do an excellent job. Although, I did take down McNeill by a whopping 7-2 last week in the Upside and Motor Fantasy Basketball Classic, so I don't know whether you can really trust his opinion.

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