Thursday, September 18, 2008

Other People: 9/18/08

I honestly have nothing to say about basketball right now. My ability to think lucidly about sports has been paralyzed by the anger and confusion I feel in regards to the current state of the general election, and more broadly the nature of media in the United States. But, alas, other people still find the strength to put pen to paper. Here is some stuff I think you should read:

Recluse brings the hammer down on Mike Fisher for his absurd criticisms of Josh Howard. One of my favorite things about Free Darko is the subtlety with which they are able to address the intersection race and sports, as well as the strength of their moral clarity.

While we're on the subject of race, check out Ta-Nehisi Coates and some of his thoughts on the notion of "black leadership."

Deadspin gives us a brief excerpt from Jeff Pearlman's new book Boys Will Be Boys, an account of the early 90's Cowboys that is packed to the brim with debauchery and absurdity. This book just shot to the top of my reading list.

This is from a couple of days ago but it's still worth reading why Ziller thinks Tony Parker is amongst the top 25 players in the league (number 25 to be exact).

This is one of the most ridiculous things I have ever seen.
David Sparks' column at Hardwood Paroxysm continues to revolutionize my understanding of the potential of statistics in basketball.

David Weiner is pushing the envelope with this one, but I like it.

The gentlemen over at SlamOnline offer some commandments for aspiring basketball writers.

Robert McChesney gives an interesting account of the history of the media reform movement in the United States.

Straight Bangin' wandered across a pretty on-point poster.

Josh Coleman of 3 Shades of Blue stopped by HP and offered a sober assessment of the amount of responsibility that athletes have to be role models.

Moe, with the usual combination of indignation and insight that causes me to love her so, answers some frequently asked questions about the awful state of the economy and provides some links to help us figure out what the hell is going on.

And lastly, swing by the CHIRP (Chicago Independent Radio Project) and support localism, diversity and independence in broadcasting.

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