Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Ball Don't Lie Spreads the Love

If you haven't been checking out Ball Don't Lie's Blog Association posts, you really should. I consider myself reasonably well-versed when it comes to the NBA blogosphere but Dwyer, as he goes through naming the top three team blogs for every team in the Association, has introduced me to some sites I will definitely be swinging by this upcoming season. I am writing this now because your humble author had the honor of being named the #2 Spurs blogger out there on the interwebs.

Coming in at number one is Pounding The Rock, which is how it should be. I started out reading Pounding the Rock and actually wrote my first blog post ever for PTR, when I recapped a Spurs-Bulls game for them late this last season. I take a very different tone than the boys over at PTR (you might say they are more acerbic than I like to be) but few people I know have more consistently insightful thoughts on the silver and black that Matthew Powell and Aaron Stampler.

Either way, it's a real honor to be included on this list. I started this thing back in April after watching the Bulls lose to Miami, and I needed to vent. I didn't intend for it to be a Spurs blog, but I'm doing this for the love, not the money, so I found myself discussing SA more often than not. I figured this would exist in moderate obscurity for sometime, I never imagined I would have the readership or the support that I have currently.

In conclusion, I want to send some love directly to Skeets and Dwyer over at BDL. The Basketball Jones was one of my first excursions beyond ESPN into the wild world of democratized sports journalism, and his inclusion of my writing in his "the internets are alive" posts has been critical to any success I have had so far. Also, if you don't read Dwyer's Behind the Boxscore posts, why the hell don't you? They are a must-read.


Unknown said...

Congrats, man. I had not seen your work before, but I'll definitely be reading through your RSS feed since BDL introduced me to your site.

kellydwyer said...

Apologies for not including Coby, but it's also his damned fault for smacking Roger Ebert with a folder full of press releases last week.