Tuesday, September 9, 2008

HustleJunkie: Moral Grandstanding and Other Off-Season Pursuits

My HustleJunkie column is up over at HP. I guess it's meant to be a wide indictment of American health and physical culture, and yet somehow I still manage to fit in Baudelaire, Aristotle, and Jesus. Anyways, if you're particularly in the mood to hear somebody hop up on their soapbox, check it out. The petition to start a one-on-one tournament at the All-Star game remains alive and well. If you haven't signed up, please do. If you haven't read the piece that gave birth to the idea, go back to the source. And expect some more writing here at 48 Minutes of Hell this week from yours truly, including a new segment that will run every Friday.

N.B. I completely forget to mention that there is actually something mildly basketball related coming up on 48 Minutes of Hell. This Monday I'm taking part in Jones on the NBA's NBA Stadium Blog Day. To be honest, I am not sure which arena experience I am gonna write about. I've been to 5 NBA arenas in my life: The Alamadome, the AT&T Center, the American Airlines Arena, the United Center, and Madison Square Garden. All have been fun (yes, despite my boorish criticisms, I really enjoy going to NBA games live), but I'll have to decide which I enjoyed the most.

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