Friday, January 2, 2009

The Stephon Marbury Howler Revisited

Graydon and I have been upfront about the prospect of Stephon Marbury becoming a Spur. In short, we'd rather spend the rest of our days writing love letters--all folded to impress and sprinkled with glittery heart-shaped stickers--to the Lakers and Suns than see Marbury join the Silver and Black. Fortunately, Gregg Popovich would never make such a bone-headed move. As you all know by now, the interwebs are alive with reports that Marbury will eventually become a Celtic. This is Spurs-related in two ways:
  1. Marbury is a corrosive ball stopper that will only hurt the mighty Celtics. Let them sign him. I'll give even odds to a future locker room confrontation between Kevin Garnett and Marbury. Classic subtraction by addition.
  2. I'm still hopeful the Thunder will buy out Joe Smith, possibly clearing the way for him to join the Spurs. This remains an improbable proposition, but if Marbury joins the Celtics than they're likely removed from the Smith sweeps. In related news, the Sac Bee is reporting that the Celtics have interest in Robert Horry. No really, it's true.
Talk amongst yourselves.


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