Friday, January 16, 2009

Every Team Needs Two Matt Bonners

The Spurs have signed Austin Croshere to a 10-Day contract. Since it's only a 10-Day at this point, I'll simply offer a brief, off the cuff assessment.

Just before learning of the signing, I posted about the Spurs fascination with small ball. I encourage you to read that post, and insert "Croshere" where necessary. Austin Croshere brings 3 point offense and spacing to the table, and could be helpful against the Lakers.

Croshere has a wealth of experience. He's played in a number of playoff games, including one trip to the NBA Finals. That counts for more than a consolation prize to me. Croshere is also better than Matt Bonner at putting the ball on the floor after a ball fake. That doesn't say much, I know. But it is something. I think the two bigs could play together for short stints, as odd as that would seem. Austin Croshere is better than Anthony Tolliver, so in that limited sense the Spurs have improved themselves.

The downside of this is that Spurs are now tapped-out in terms of roster space, with lingering needs for rebounding/interior defense and wing scoring. If Croshere works out, I have to imagine the Spurs plan to address at least one of those issues through a trade. It's also possible they buy out Jacque Vaughn to create a roster space, though doubtful.

We'll know more in 20 days (Croshere will likely receive two 10-Days from San Antonio before they make a decision on him). For now, it's a smart look and see 10 Day for a veteran who could, theoretically, fit the system at a thin position.


Perception & Reality said...

I do think we can let go of Vaughn. Mason can play at PG position as well. He used to be a PG when he was in college..right?

Timothy Varner said...

Yes, no question that Mason could play point.

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