Friday, January 2, 2009

Other People: Canis Hoopus on Dennis Lindsey

A little while back, we discussed the possibility of Glen Taylor wising up and hiring front office personnel from the San Antonio brass. Wyn from T-Wolves blog Canis Hoopus is running an executive search series. Sam Presti replacement and Spurs Assistant GM Dennis Lindsey is the latest to enter his cross hairs.

After the Luis Scola trade, many Spurs fans were eager to have Lindsey's head on a platter, suspecting too much buddy-buddy between Lindsey and his former cronies in Houston. This is a doubtful charge since Lindsey was slighted by Houston ownership in favor of Darryl Morey. But, you know, it is what it is.

Wyn notes:
It's worth noting that Lindsey served in Houston with Wolves Assistant Coach Dean Cooper from '99 to '07. Cooper, in addition to coaching and scouting in Houston, spent some time there as VP of Player Personnel. If either one rises to a management position with the Wolves, I would imagine they'd get a hold of the other one pretty quickly.
You can read the rest of the post here.


Colonel D. Williams (Ret.) said...

If there wasn't some sort of under the table deal between SA and Houston, then what is the alternative? Incompetence?

Timothy Varner said...

The cap forced their hand. It was a bad trade, everyone knows that. But they had no choice. It was the only way to unload the contract of Jackie "Hollinger's Big Mistake" Butler. I don't believe for a moment that the Spurs would give up Luis Scola to an in division rival unless their backs are to the wall.

Scola sure would have been nice, though. When the Spurs traded Scola, they may have traded away another trip to the finals.

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