Monday, January 5, 2009

Match-Up of the Night: The NBA vs. The BCS

There are very few nights a year when another sporting event trumps a Spurs game. The night in which the University of Texas Longhorns play in a bowl game is one. As a resident of Austin for 22 years I have a pretty strong affinity for the Horns and will subsequently skip this evenings game to watch my boys in burnt orange march to victory on the fields of Glendale. Go Spurs. Go Horns.


Cape-Clad Coder said...

you think we could sign quan cosby to the squad for some rebounding duties? sure he gives up some height, but he sure as hell can grab some balls outta the air. what a freakin' game!

Perception & Reality said...

You missed a great game. lol.

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