Thursday, January 15, 2009

Gagging the Tired Old Nag

Last night's Lakers game call featured a chart (with commentary) on the Spurs collective age. You know, the usual "window is closing because they're long in the tooth" shtick. There must be a broadcaster Stuff Mart where this sentiment is sold as the candy of choice in the check out lanes. In honor of the gazillioneth time someone has said this since October, I wanted to re-run this post from a couple weeks ago. The championship numbers have been adjusted slightly to reflect playoff rosters.

The average age of the last five NBA Champions is 28.9.

Boston: 28.7
Spurs: 30.3
Heat: 29.1
Spurs: 29
Pistons: 27.5

The average age of the Spurs current roster is 29.6.

Memo to the basketball world: find yourself a new bogeyman. You're getting old.


Perception & Reality said...

lol. good one.

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