Monday, August 25, 2008

NBA Roundtable: The Role of Small Markets Teams

So I participated in a blogger roundtable over at Hardwood Paroxysm regarding the role of small market teams in the NBA. It's is consciously from the perspective of a Spurs fan, but most of my answers reveal larger opinions of mine about the relationship between geography, economics, and the league. Ziller, Ben Q. Rock, Rock King and Frank from Brew Hoop were just a few of the many excellent writers whom I had the pleasure of being included alongside.

Oh, and congratulations to Team USA for bringing home the gold. If you didn't get a chance to see the game, you absolutely should find some time to watch it. Both teams showed a lot of talent and tenacity out there and should be proud. I would again like to note that while I found the whole "Redeem Team" rhetoric to be foolish, Dwayne Wade has redeemed himself in my eyes. I apologize for ever doubting you, Mr. Wade.

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