Thursday, June 12, 2008

Worst Defensive Play in the History of the NBA Finals?

In one word: Yes.

Next Morning Update: But really, Sasha Vujacic’s defense on Ray Allen on the second to last possession was abysmal. I’m talking a defensive failure of world-historical importance. I understand the lack of help defense. The Celtics had been draining it from the corner and sensibly enough, Phil Jackson told everyone to stay home. But that means you’ve got to slather on that game face and buckle down for some one-on-one, Sasha. Lateral movement, damn it. Move your feet. And even if Ray Ray does cut past you, you at least continue to pursue, rather than just stand there like an idiot yelling for help that is inevitably going to come late. Allen is old and has no wheels, and you let him blow right by you. I wanted to make other comments about this game because I actually watched it very closely, but the shock of Vujacic’s defensive non-effort has left me with short term memory loss.

On a positive note, Ronny Turiaf did some tremendous sideline dancing during the first half while the Lakers were up big. I tell ya, that man has some wild moves.

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