Tuesday, June 17, 2008

"Anything is Possible"

Wow. I'm blown away by the Celtics' performance this evening. I try my hardest to shy away from hyperbole, from epic ruminations on "champions", etc...

But what we witnessed this evening was beyond dominant, it was transcendent. It was a horrible basketball game. Lopsided and lacking any sense of drama. But it was simultaneously a gift. A chance for all those who aspire to something greater than themselves to look on and believe. I have never seen a team play with so much heart for 48 minutes the way I saw the Celtics play this evening. Never.

God bless Kevin Garnett. He is a warrior and an inspiration. As I watched him celebrate his first NBA championship, a title he has worked so long and hard to achieve, I could not help but be overcome with emotion. I did not cry, although I unashamedly will admit that my stoicism took some effort. But as I watched Garnett cry, as I watched him scream "anything is possible," I fell in love all over again. I never stopped loving basketball. But my fire had died. I had grown passive and cynical. Garnett's post-game reaction this evening changed me. He reminded me not merely why I love to watch the game, but why I love to play it. God bless Kevin Garnett.

I have so much to say about this evening. Paul Pierce. Ray Allen. Rajon Rondo. Eddie House. James Posey. Leon Powe. I have so much to say about this evening, but I must go to bed. What we witnessed tonight isn't over. The game may have ended but the myths are just beginning to take flight.

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