Wednesday, July 2, 2008

A Smart Move

According to two NBA sources, one from each conference, the Spurs are preparing to make an offer to Maggette, who became an unrestricted free agent Tuesday when he opted out of the final year of his contract with the Los Angeles Clippers.
-Jeff McDonald, San Antonio Express-News
This is the best move the Spurs can realistically make this off-season. I also like the idea of chasing down J.R. Smith, but Maggette may be the better choice, primarily because his game is more proof, less potential than Smith's. It's widely agreed that the Spurs need an athletic wing who can slash and isn't a huge defensive liability, i.e. there is little debate that Maggette would be a smart move by San Antonio.

Hopefully other Spurs post-season moves will include not resigning Michael Finley and Robert Horry, bringing back Brent Barry, Bringing up Ian Mahinmi and giving George Hill a legitimate shot at being the back-up point guard over Jacques Vaughn. We also have some serious work to do regarding our front-court bench. I don't have a problem bringing back Kurt Thomas, who did solid work the second half of last season, but Thomas wants a 3 year deal and the idea of Thomas wearing silver and black 3 seasons from now is a nightmare. No matter what happens with the rest of our roster, I think picking up Maggette would put the Spurs in an excellent position to bring a fifth championship to San Antonio. Our team was a shadow of its former self this year and we still managed to make it to the Western Conference Finals. By making a move to add a serious piece like Maggette (and for not that much money, reportedly) nobody could honestly overlook the Spurs as a contender.

UPDATE: It may be a done deal, but I'll wait for the WWL to confirm before I truly believe.

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