Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Le Bored

As an homage to a few close friends of mine who are presently in France, most likely drinking Chateauneuf de Pape and consorting with a disinterested pastry chef named Pascal while dreams of May '68 flutter in their heads, I bring you the rap stylings of Tony Parker. Because why the hell not? Its Tuesday, and the off-season, and I'm completely bored out of my mind. And by the way, this is a reminder to those of you in Europe that I want you to bring me back some really kitschy Parker related items. Rap CDs, trashy magazines, or any piece of clothing that has that ridiculously atrocious "TP" symbol on it. I know they go absolutely ga-ga for his big brown eyes and inability to keep his balance when driving to the hoop. And listen. The man's got both types of game that count, no doubt about that. But really, Tony...your rap is pure shit.

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