Monday, April 21, 2008

Lexington and Concord

The First shots have been fired in the Second Season, and I think it gives a little bit of insight into how each series may play out, and being that I have been a little Spurs-heavy lately with my posts, I'd like to take it back to the Association as a whole:

Washington-Cleveland: I still think the Wizards are gonna win this one. I think the real x-factor is Caron Butler's health. Obviously he'll play, but there's been some suggestion the man is not 100% and that could be bad. I just cannot wait for the day this Wizards team is completely healthy. What absolutely entertaining basketball it will be(depending on if everyone sticks around). Also, Why is Wally Szczerbiak absolutely atrocious as a Cav? Is this some conspiracy by Larry Hughes? What is it with Cleveland and overrated outside shooters?

Rockets-Jazz: The Jazz have already done exactly what they needed to do and steal one in H-Town. I'm sorry, but I just don't see this Rockets team making it out of this round. And the fact that they have to go to Energy Solutions Arena and win one now? The myth of Daedalus and McGrady goes according to plan.

Lakers-Nuggets: I wonder if the Lakers will win every game or just 4 in a row? Wait a second.

Mavs-Hornets: I still like Mavs in 6. But Johnson's gotta give more minutes to Terry, as well as put someone else other than Kidd on Paul. For the love of all that is holy, do not let Jason Kidd defend Chris Paul again.

Raps-Magic: Why didn't the Magic play J.J. Reddick and Carlos Arroyo? Oh wait, I know. Why didn't the Raps start Jose Calderon over T.J. Ford? Oh Wait, I know that too. (Did I mention how I just don't care about this series. Even a Chris Bosh, Dwight Howard match-up doesn't make me care about this series. I'm actually a little surprised to hear myself say that).

Celtics-Hawks: In one of the bazillion playoff previews I read somebody suggested the only thing worse than the hawks getting swept would be if they figured out how to lose in 3 games. Well...did they?

Pistons-76ers: I know, I know, the Pistons lost focus in the playoffs and got beat by a younger, highly athletic team. Chill out, the Pistons are not gonna get upset in the 1st round. But its about time everybody realized that in the last 5 years the Pistons have won only 1 NBA Championship (and only been to two for that matter), and that they are not as clutch in the in the post-season as everyone likes to think they are (and I'm looking at you Mr. Billups).

Suns-Spurs: We've been over this.

D-League Action: Idaho Stampede vs. Austin Toros in game 1 of the D-League Finals. The Erwin Center is sure to be rockin'. Let's go Toros.

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