Thursday, April 17, 2008

The Clipboard: Every Cylinder

And the waves of relief come crashing down around me. Last night the San Antonio Spurs absolutely trashed the Utah Jazz in what was really just an all around pleasure to watch. I mean, who didn't have a good game. Tony, Timmy, Finley, Manu, MATT BONNER!?!?! Does anybody realize that in 23 minutes of play Bonner was 3-7 from the field and 2-4 from beyond the arch? DOES ANYBODY REALIZE THAT?!?!?! I think the only guy who didn't have a good game is mighty mouse, who did you know since joining the Spurs supposedly has the worst shooting percentage of anyone in the NBA? That's according to ESPN but I believe it. Talk about a clutch mid-season pickup. Anyways, let's get down to business:

Duncan: Obviously this was a huge game for Timmy. His shot hasn't been falling and he needed a little confidence booster. And going 5-9 for 14 points,nabbing 11 boards, and making two steals and 3 blocks is a solid game (Remember he did this all in only 26 minutes on the court). And need I remind you that he did this all against Carlos Boozer, who isn't exactly a lightweight on the defensive end of the ball. Anyways, hopefully this victory brings the Stone Buddha back into inter-planetary alignment because we are gonna need everything the big guy's got come Saturday at 2.

Defensive Matchups: Originally I was a little concerned we had Bowen on Kirilenko, thinking that actually Deron is their most potent scoring threat but as the game went on I realized Pop was right. Because who are you really gonna switch Parker onto. If Brewer's in the game they can match up, but for the most part Tony does an excellent job pestering Deron and pushing him to the wing so they can't run any of their standard offensive attacks (and by that I mean just run the pick and roll over and over and over. This is Jerry Sloan we're talking about here, guys). Plus Bowen's quiet assurance that AK-47 is not an offensive threat is deceptively important (that crazy Russian not only gets to have sex with someone other than his wife once a year, but also can light you up if you give him a chance). Okur was the only Jazz player who stood out to me on the offensive end of the ball, but can you really say a guy who went 2-8 from the field "stood out". I guess my impression didn't match up with the facts (oh ya, like that's a first). (I used parenthesis too often during that paragraph).

Utah role players: Not that it made much difference last night but I was impressed with the energy Ronnie Brewer and Paul Millsap brought to the floor. I remember how well Millsap played in last years playoffs and any good Spurs fan will tell you role players who play with intensity (and hopefully some skill) can be the difference in the amount of jewelry on your hand.

GGGGGINNNNNNNOOOOBIIILLLIIII! Wait, Wait, Wait, Wait. Let me reiterate. GGGGGIINNNNNOOOOOBBBIILLLLIIIIIIIII! 4-4 from the field. Six boards. 4 assists. I didn't even know he was gonna play. Did you guys? I know he didn't blow up points wise but undoubtedly a solid game from the guy who may secretly, or not so secretly, be the lynch pin in this whole squad.

I apologize if the recap was a little flat today. Its hard to really talk thoughtfully about a game we win by 29 points. I mean, what more is there to say other than we won by 29 points. I'll be back throughout the next couple of days with some thoughts on the different playoff match-ups, as well as more esoteric B.S. on those playoff commercials. I hope everyone had a great regular season. As much as I love the playoffs, I am sad to see it go.

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