Tuesday, May 27, 2008

My Obligatory Crossing of the Aisle

So I've tried to cultivate the image that I, although a Spurs fan, am willing to recognize brilliance wherever it arises across the NBA landscape. I spoke highly of Chris Paul even when the Spurs were immersed in a knock-down, drag-out series with the Hornets, and I... wait, I actually never said anything nice about the Suns (I may have made a few gracious remarks about Steve Nash). Either way, I want to point out that Upside and Motor is running a campaign to make Ronny Turiaf the target of the Yellowbook cam during tonights Spurs-Lakers game. This is pure genius. Turiaf, aside from being a hard-working glue guy, is also a hilariously spastic man prone to bouts of wild dancing along the sidelines. If you don't know what the yellowbook cam is, online you can vote to have cameras follow one player from each team during a quarter. Obviously Bryant has been receiving most of the votes so far, but the Turiaf movement is gaining steam. So go out and vote, Mr. Turiaf has earned it.

If you are unconvinced of Turiaf's merit, please check out the clip below:

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