Friday, May 16, 2008

A Ceasefire

The interwebs are packed to the gills with highly emotional responses to Horry's pick on David West. I addressed the issue below in my recap of the game. But before the ire and vitriol reach a critical mass, I wanted to back away from the fray for a moment and remind everybody of something we can all enjoy. I give you the opening sequence to the best (and possibly only?) cartoon inspired by professional athletes: Pro Stars.

Major props to William Meyrowitz for pulling this one out of the archives. Things are a little tense on the ole' blogosphere right about now, and as game 7 approaches it will only heighten. Nothing like a long lost animated masterpiece to bring us all together.

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iDouche said...

Hey my good man! I'm surprised you haven't posted the results of the questionable foul calls you and At the Hive worked up. Arguably one of the best ideas the sports blogosphere has produced and worthy of publication!